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Along the Outerwall

Closing the opportunity divide with Year Up

Outerwall is a proud supporter of Year Up, a nonprofit organization with a mission to close the opportunity divide faced by at-risk, urban young adults in today’s competitive job market.

Often described as a “corporate boot camp,” Year Up designed an intensive training program which combines hands-on skill development, college coursework and internship placement.

Year Up interns gain real-world job experience, technical, business and social skills that will help them build a foundation for a career. With a 100% rate of internship placement, Year Up’s high support and high expectation model continues to empower young adults.  Outerwall is proud to have hosted three Year Up interns to date. 


Meet the Interns

Cyreah Steele

Cyreah Steele was our first intern and was placed with our Redbox machine support team last year.  Through Cyreah’s education and hard work, she earned a full-time position as a machine support technician.  

 What was it like for Cyreah interning at Redbox?

“From day one I felt so welcome! The Redbox machine support team is always friendly and supportive.


They encouraged and pushed me in the areas where I needed improvement.”


Cyreah Steele

Machine support technician, Redbox machine support



DeShè Brooks

DeShè Brooks recently joined the deskside support team after completing his training program with Year Up.

 His supervisor, Bjorn Bjornstad, is a big supporter of the Year Up program.


“It is hard to break into the IT field. The Year Up program gives young people a great opportunity to learn valuable skills and make important connections within the company.


The career development and relationship building is invaluable. We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with our Year Up interns, [they are] an inspiring group.


And, we believe that if they are successful, we’re successful, too.”


Bjorn Bjornstad

Service desk supervisor, Outerwall


The Year Up Difference

Year Up helps young people succeed while simultaneously providing a well-trained pool of talent to companies.   


“Year Up has proven to be a great partner with Redbox machine support. 


Their interns are talented, knowledgeable and more than capable of performing the job at hand. 


This has been a great partnership and I look forward to meeting more great interns.”


Richard Jones

Manager, Redbox machine support   


Learn more about Year Up and the Opportunity Divide:


Thank You!

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the Year Up program. We’re truly excited to watch the talent from Year Up succeed at Outerwall, including DeShè Brooks, Cyreah Steele and Claudia Jimenez.

We’ve had a tremendous amount of Year Up support from everyone at Outerwall and would like to extend a very special thank you to Scott Di Valerio, Carole McCluskey, Lisa Fain, Glen Macdonald, Richard Jones and Bjorn Bjornstad for all of your support!


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