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Along the Outerwall

Celebrating Unique Contributions at Outerwall

Celebrating Unique Contributions at OuterwallShe sits facing a computer screen, typing code undecipherable to an untrained eye. Her mission is simple enough – develop an app that helps job seekers with disabilities find employers who value their unique contributions in the workplace – but her idea could change the world. As she types one last line of code, a coworker swings by her... [More]

Shining the Spirit of 12 Spotlight on Camp Fire Snohomish

Shining the Spirit of 12 Spotlight on Camp Fire SnohomishThe crackle of a fire amidst a darkened backdrop of dusk as the scent of roasting marshmallows greets your nose. The laughter of children in the distance as you perch on the edge of a lake while the water laps at your toes. The triumphant smile on the face of a high schooler as they speak up in a group setting and gain confidence. These are just a ... [More]

How to Translate Complex Data Into Meaningful Results

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. At Outerwall, we are seeking to reduce our carbon footprint as well as the energy used by our kiosks. To help us manage the 120+ data points that feed into our environmental impact – ranging from shipping to employee commuting to air travel – we initially used spreadsheets. But s... [More]