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Business Resource Groups

Diversity & inclusion

Come as you are. As an Outerwall employee, we want you to feel comfortable sharing the strengths, skills and background that make you unique. Because that's what makes you a valuable part of our team.

To celebrate how being able to "come as you are" enriches our business every day, we asked employees to complete the sentence: "We are _____, because I am _____."

What does a BRG do?

Represents Outerwall externally in recruitment, marketing and community engagement efforts.
Advocates for diverse communities internally and externally, such as in Outerwall’s market research and product development.
Supports members by providing opportunities for internal development, connection and support.
BRGs contribute to our business success by leveraging the energy, experience and connections of our employees in the advancement of diversity and inclusion at Outerwall.

BRGs at Outerwall

  • AFA

    Armed Forces & their Allies supports members and veterans of the Armed Forces, their families and allies
  • MOST

    Maximizing Opportunities Standing Together leverages the experience and connections of all racial and ethnic backgrounds
  • WIN

    Women's Insight Network harnesses the energy of the women at Outerwall to advance diversity and inclusion

    LGBT and allies cultivates strong bonds and prioritizes inclusion and diversity
  • SOAR

    Strength, Opportunity, Ability, Resilience & Respect focuses on the interests of persons with disabilities and their caregivers

Why do our employees participate?

Gain experience

Brainstorm and plan successful events
Lead cross-functional teams
Plan for long-term strategic initiatives
Foster inclusion and culture

Build relationships

Expand professional network
Connect with others who share common interests
Gain exposure to company leaders

Expand awareness

Drive engagement in diversity initiatives and issues
Learn how BRGs support business objectives


At Outerwall, we believe that diversity and inclusion create organizational strength. Search open positions to find your right fit.