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California Transparency
in Supply Chains Act of 2010

In May 2014, Outerwall adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct. The Code applies to individuals and companies that supply goods and services to Outerwall and its subsidiaries.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct specifies that suppliers must ensure compliance with all applicable federal and local laws and regulations. The Supplier Code of Conduct includes requirements for compliance with all local and national minimum working age laws and forbids the use of child labor. Additionally, it stipulates that suppliers should pay at least the legally required minimum wage and provide all legally mandated benefits relevant to where the work is performed. Suppliers are required to abide by the maximum legally allowed number of working hours, using only voluntary labor.

Any new or renewed supplier contracts from May 2014 onward include a provision requiring compliance with the Code. Our corporate Supply Chain Management team maintains contracts with our largest and most critical suppliers as part of Outerwall's Strategic Supplier Program. These suppliers represent about 50% of our applicable spend and certify, annually, to adherence to Outerwall's Supplier Code of Conduct.

We conduct audits of our Strategic Suppliers on a case by case basis depending on their risk profile.

Because key suppliers are required to sign contracts which specify they will adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct, these companies have certified that they are and will continue to be in compliance with our requirements.

If Outerwall determines during an audit or another means that a supplier does not conform to Outerwall's standards, a determination regarding corrective action and/or whether to continue Outerwall's relationship with the supplier will be made on a case-by-case basis.

We have educated our Supply Chain Management team on our Supplier Code of Conduct and discuss labor law requirements in connection to our strategic sourcing initiatives. We do not currently provide specific training on slavery or human trafficking.